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Mar 28, 2014

The Show Notes

Food Poisoning
Sometimes the universe is ok- Two examples
Miraculous Body Chemistry
Mirrored Town Square
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Ms.Stabby-Stabby No NASCAR Weed Woman from Tim Yauch
     - Women Shouldn’t Talk Pastor from Tressa Breen
     - No Buffet Cleric from Richard Lane
     - Bogus Best Selling Preacher from Marty Gordon
Four Lions / Kumaré
Interesting Fauna
     - Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
Spotify Hack
NECSS April 11-13 - S/R on Friday


Mentioned in the Show

An Okapi at Marwell Wildlife, Hampshire, England

NECSS April 11-13, 2014
Music & Skepticism- Friday April 11- 10:00 AM
Stimulus/Response- Friday April 11 7:00 PM

The Bad Aatronmer's post:
Jenny McCarthy asks; the internet slam dunks"


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Spoony Q
nine and a half years ago

Haha! Genius work with the phone memo, Geo! Next time you get such an opportunity, do it in a WEIRD voice!! LOLOL!!!!!

That's a really shitty illness Geo -- rats! Maybe even deer mice? So glad that your brains didn't wind up in the toilet! :-)

Speaking of demon smells, I was just reading that yucca powder is put in animal feed in order to control the stench. It's apparently effective and non-toxic in humans, chickens, pigs, cats, etc.
` Yet, it doesn't seem to be very popular among the humans themselves. Why not? Sewer workers would probably appreciate it!

Ah yes, weed. :-) Living in the premier world capital of marijuana, and as Ed Ghertner's replacement as art director of Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone, and as someone with experience in the medical production culture of invalids and damn kids and their rock and roll, maaaaybe I'll comment:
` I'm not sure this woman, like some religious morons, was so much a moron as obviously psychotic. She was self-medicating with marijuana, and one of the cannabinoids, THC, increases psychosis as well as a certain type of high.
` Another cannabinoid, CBD, counteracts the THC high, while at the same time acting as an anti-psychotic. Maybe if this woman had self-medicated with some CBD tincture, at least her version of God would have told her to do less crazy things. Who knows? :-)

Also, it's ARTiodactyl :-) When I was a kid, Okapis were my favorite Artiodactyl to draw, even though other people thought I was making it up.

Fatwa on buffets -- best mind control publicity stunt ever! Yeah, because in heaven, you'll have rivers of milk and honey and fruit, so don't spoil yer appetite!

The Mars Hill church guy -- it's amazing how many religious morons and highly sociopathic religious leaders are up here in the state of liberals.
` You may remember the photo I sent you from Hemp Fest a while back, on the Stephen Colbert walkway, which leads to the Church of Scientology building! Arrrrgh!

Also, in Corinthians, not to nitpick, but the whole "women shouldn't speak in church" rule was added onto the New Testament as the church was taken over by men.
` Prior to that, early Christians worshipped in houses, which was the woman's domain, and women were important early religious leaders.
` So even Jesus, if he existed, would probably not have liked that part of the New Testament. Not to be apologetic....

Continue getting well, Geo! :-)