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Jul 22, 2015




My ride to the airport
TAM was soooo TAMmy
RANDI! The Musical
     - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
     - How Did He Do It?
     - Someday I’ll Find The One
     - Escape Artiste
     - Starting a Foundation
     - Someday I’ll Find the One reprise
     - The Start of Something Good
     - The Interview
     - Uri Gellar
     - Million Dollar Challenge
     - Larry & Sylvia
     - Vows / The Closest That We Get
     - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Finale   
Tears from Jobim with Paula Serrano
Religious Moron of The Week
     - Joshua Feuerstein from Jay Novella
Ask George
     - Shirts? from Marc in NJ
     - Instruments? from Graeme in Ontario
MKA alum at airport
TEDx is GOx
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Joseph Kolasinski
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Karl Withakay
over eight years ago

Here's a link to a YouTube video I shot of George's performance of Chega de Saudade w/ Paula Serrano in the sports book area after TAM which he mentioned in the podcast.

Kitty Maehem
over eight years ago

What a beautiful show! I'm so glad you've had such a lovely week. You had me in tears for most of the podcast… good smiling, happy, emotional tears!

Congratulations on all your incredible achievements. You are much loved the world around.

Ms Kitty Maehem xxx🐱

over eight years ago

For some reason, your podcast, on iTunes, was truncated to only a few seconds of audio. I tried it here, and encountered the same issue. Just letting you know.