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Apr 15, 2017

The Show Notes

It’s A Wonderful Fancast

Talking With Evan
Evo’s Warning
The Psychic Zone
Bad Astrology
Reiki & Rugelach
Cooking with Elizabeth Fugger
Apollo Truther Truth
Santa and the Rocket Ship
Talking With Evan Again
500 Hours
Derek is not a slacker.
Show Close

The Geologic Fancast Players

listed alphabetically by first name, obvs

Carrie P.

Derek Colanduno

Eran Segev

Evan Bernstein

Evo Terra
Liz Winfrey Ventura
Michelle Franklin
Richard Drumm

Richard Saunders
Shelley Stocken

Susan Gerbic
Thomas Tranaker
Veiko Rihu


500 Hours written by Joey Fabian, Brian Arkle Webber, Liz, Michelle, and Carrie P, with apologies to Charlie and Craig Reed.
Performed by the Geologic Fancast Players.
Congratulations George!