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Feb 12, 2009

The Show Notes

FAR video coming soon
Beatnik Turtle and the “When I Was Your Age” demo
The Trials of Ted Haggard
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards

John Watt  from Christopher Merle
Religious Moron of the Week
Danny Nalliah  from Eran Sergev, Tony Hill, Andrew Gould,
Nick Chettle, Lauren Cocillova

Geo's Aussie fans need to e-mail Eranskeptic [at] gmail [dot] com
Interesting Fauna
Turritopsis Nutricula  from Jared Congiardo
Auction ‘Ere from Non-Coloring Book
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday, Maya
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Ms. Information wishes you a Happy-Luscious-Dinner-and-Favorite-Gratification Day!

over fifteen years ago

Speaking of bush fires:

And it\\\'s not really offtopic ... Geo\\\'s read three stories for Escape Pod\\\'s associated horror podcast.

Doug in Alaska
over fifteen years ago

Here\\\'s a twist for the religious fracktard with fire dreams:

On one of the email lists I\\\'m on has a bunch of parents, some with kids, some with kids on the way... assuming no fires. One mother near Victoria LOST her kid. Punishment indeed...

over fifteen years ago


We can do it, but it won\'t be cheap. By my calculations we\'ll need a semi trailer of Diet Coke, 3 wildebeests, 17.6 ninjas, 12 pairs of inline skates made from Damascus steel, 15 bowler hats with blood-quenched and hand-sharpened forged rims, a GH99 Fastclone incubator, and REDACTED\'s head on a stick. (Which is remarkably pricey considering the absence of valuable stuff in the head in question.)

over fifteen years ago

\\\"Please avoid the bush fires\\\" - good advice in just about any situation. But it you can\\\'t avoid \\\"bush fires\\\" I think they have a treatment for it.

Wha.. ohh that bush. OK never mind avoid those also ;)

over fifteen years ago

I watch /Ugly Betty/ and /The Starter Wife/. And /The Dish/. Does that make me gay?

over fifteen years ago

Parkour? Really?

Wow, Geo just officially became cooler than Steven Seagal. :-o

Oh yeah...nice video. Suddenly I have images of a video for the song \"Shoe\" that features Geo on skates, taking mysterious calls on a shoe phone and carrying out assassinations.

(See, he gets a call on the shoe phone. Then, like El Mariachi, he carries his weapon in a guitar case in order to get close to the target. He opens the case and out comes a bowler hat. Hat goes on head. Musician gets even closer to target. Whips off the hat & throws it like Odd-Job in _You Only Live Twice_. Off comes REDACTED\'s fat little piggy head. Simple, right?)

Andy Beale
over fifteen years ago

Ahh its been a good day. Darwins Birthday, the courts decided autism is NOT caused by vaccines, I didn\\\'t lose my job and Geo puts the \\\"Far\\\" video up. Good times.

Hang on...
\\\"parkour in a suit and tie!\\\"
Miss information get the video camera out and go film him doing that I would pay good money to see that.


\\\'rises was 89 years old\\\'

Peter Sosna
over fifteen years ago

When I was your age...
The oceans were full of Coca Cola and the lakes were full of Sprite, but then the fish developed an allergy to high fructose corn syrup so they had to replace all the soda with water.

The beaches were covered with sugar, but then the American Dental Association made them replace it all with sand.

We didn\\\'t need telephones because we could communicate telepathically, but James Randi came along and made everyone stop. He\\\'s also the guy that made horoscopes stop being accurate.

Santa really existed and would give you what ever you wanted for Christmas, even if you were bad, but the Republicans had him killed and now your parents have to buy your presents.

Charles Darwin invented evolution and made everyone evolve feet on the end of their legs and start walking, which is how humans lost the ability to fly.

Paul TP
over fifteen years ago

WOW! A Jamie Farr reference ;-) Nice vid. Geo.

now... to the podcast... weee

Paul TP
over fifteen years ago

... thought that Jamie Farr Wikipedia page should be updated, hope you don\'t mind!!... under \'pop culture references\' - this would seem to be the 1st Geologic ref. on Wiki... world domination in progress...

over fifteen years ago

The Bert & Ernie line in the song made me chuckle.. :) Good on ya, Geo!


Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
over fifteen years ago


Bear in mind that the man has lived in this town for some years. I\\\'m sure there was a raised eyebrow or two since some might only think of the Maestro as that guy they occasionally see strumming guitar in the Sun Inn Courtyard. Then again, he\\\'s also the guy who does parkour in a suit and tie, bouncing off the historic architecture around here. Count Zinzendorf must be rolling in his grave.

Ms. Info
recaptcha: calling paradise

David P.
over fifteen years ago

Nice \\\"Pitfall\\\" reference in \\\"When I Was Your Age\\\". Atari ruled. Kids today are spoiled by their megapixels and polygons. We could clearly see the individual pixels, and we liked it. Now get off my lawn.

Loved the video for \\\"Far\\\". Somewhat reminiscent of Benny Hill. I do wonder what it looked like to others with this crazy guy walking around town and spinning around lipsyncing to \\\"Far\\\" while holding a camera pointed at his face. Well, I guess that\\\'s what it DID look like to others.

over fifteen years ago

I saw the \\\"Far\\\" video and was tickled by it. I wonder what the people in your neighborhood though about you rollerblading through town filming yourself.

Now we need a video for \\\"When I Was Your Age\\\" too.

over fifteen years ago

Haven\\\'t heard the podcast yet, but I did see the video on Bad Astronomy. The bowler really suits you.

over fifteen years ago

The bowler and the suit (and the guy in the suit) lent a touch of Magritte to the video.

over fifteen years ago


(I\'ve always wanted to do that.)

Mmm, Aural Gratification Day.

Now for the podcast....

Dave Lim
over fifteen years ago

Wow, made it before the 12th comment. I must have gotten up really early (or been up really late).

I like the valentines day poem