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Feb 26, 2009

The Show Notes

Beyoncé Dogging the Outlet
Ace in the Hole Hosting
DaVido's "performance”
Interesting Fauna

- Macropinna microstoma  from Barry Weeg, Derek Smith
and Jason Schmidt

Cool Yes Story
Ask George
- Religious music?  from Kevin Hicks
- Keith Moon?  from Bradley Roberson
Yelling in Groups
PFA Rehearsal Audio “One Mint Julep”
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- Dena Malda  from Jared Congiardo and Icepick
- RSS of India  from Mike Beede
- Topeka Library Board Members  from Marc in NJ and Lee Tibets
Mom says Thanks
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: A glimpse into the maw of eternal doom; Atheist Community of Topeka; Townsend power slide; Philadelphia Funk Authority.

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over fourteen years ago

How many "DaVido's" do you have to deal with in your "gigging." Because I swear if I was forced to watch more than two of them I would jab my eyes out with a rusty spoon and blow my ears off with a shotgun to relieve the pain.

sorry for the gratuitous violence but he started it with his existence.

Eliot Silbar
over fourteen years ago

How many people like DaVido do you meet in the "gigging" biz? I don't think I could take being forced to watch more than two of them before stabbing my eyes out with a rusty spoon and blowing my ears off with a shotgun.

Sorry for the gratuitous violence but he started it (with his exsistence).

over fifteen years ago

here\\\'s an idea for an Ignobel Prize;
\\\'A statistical study of intuitive rhythmic sense and correlation with religious fundamentalism\\\' ... subtitled ...
\\\'Fundies Can\\\'t Jump\\\'
Multiple Choice Poll;
A. and a 1 (2) & 3 (4)
B. and a (1) & 2 (3) & 4
C. music is evil (the Central Scrutinizer said so)
D. the devil made me do it (but it feels sooo goood!!)

over fifteen years ago

1&3 vs 2&4... is a \'white men can\'t jump\' issue. It\'s milli vanilli (or any boyband) -vs- the committments or \'Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)\' -or- \'pick up the pieces\' \"don\'t you miss it - don\'t you miss it\" [or PFA !!]
{there\'s hope fer them whities...}
actually, it\'s like Steve Martin in \'The Jerk\'
... you got rid\'m or ya don\'t ...

over fifteen years ago

Hey, Digital Cuttlefish wrote a poem that hat-tipped the translucent headded fish!

Kapten Kalabajooie
over fifteen years ago

There already is a cow urine soda.

It\\\'s called \\\"Red Bull.\\\"

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
over fifteen years ago


Y\\\'know, I wasn\\\'t going to mention any names... but now that you\\\'ve brought it up, I thought Eric had invented the 1-and-3 snap thing. The man was nothing short of cringe-worthy.

Ah, good times.


p.s. We have to ask ourselves why I left a comment when I could have just shouted across the room and made you take your headphones off again.

over fifteen years ago

moo_3.14159265 (pi)
moooee bueno...
adios mooooochachos!

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago

There is absolutely a 1 and 3 dispensation for Polkas.

Different thang.

The FASTEST way to lose a gig though, (especially a jazz gig) is to snap on 1 and 3. Ask me about an Eric Mintel snapping on stage story sometime...


over fifteen years ago

Marshalldog ... maybe the DJ was considering \\\"I\\\'ve Seen All Good People\\\" to be two songs, not one. It does consist of two titled parts, \\\"Your Move\\\" and \\\"All Good People\\\".

Or maybe he was just an idiot falling down on the job.

over fifteen years ago

Interesting comments about Keith Moon and The Who. When you said that no band is better at recycling their material than they are, I thought you were commenting on how almost every song on Who\'s Next features a similar A-G-D chord sequence. I was mentally preparing a lengthy comment on how that album was meant to be a rock opera and such, but that\'s not what you meant. And I understand what mean... they do release a lot of compilations. I was searching through their stuff on iTunes, but there\'s like 35 different albums listed for them. I had to go to Wikipedia just to get a concise list of their studio stuff. Oh, and that Pete Townshend powerslide was used in The Kids Are Alright, and the full concert that features that powerslide was recently released on DVD- Kilburn 1977... good stuff.

Just checked out that DaVido link fully expecting my eyes to start bleeding. What a complete jackass. It should be enough that he tried to make a funny song about Starbucks, but no... he has to go to Starbucks without asking and perform it in front of people who just want to sit their and drink their coffee in peace, and then try to make Starbucks look like jackasses for throwing him out. I knew what you meant when you said, \"snapping on 1 and 3,\" but didn\'t realize how stupid it sounded. Has a scientific study ever been performed to understand why some people have no concept of beat?

Oh, and something about Yes because it\'s funny. Like most people, I can name two Yes songs... well, one I know and another that may or may not be named what I think it\'s named- \"Owner of a Lonely Heart\" and \"I\'ve Seen All Good People\" or something. Anyway, on my local classic rock station they do \"Three for Thursday\" like I\'m sure everyone does, and started a Yes set with \"Owner of a Lonely Heart\". I was excited, you see, because I assumed that meant I would at least get to learn of a third Yes song, possibly two, by the end of the set. Sure enough, they next played \"I\'ve Seen All Good People\" but I was still

over fifteen years ago

OMG Tim and Eric name drop!

Where\'s my chippy?!

over fifteen years ago

I have a pet theory that lots of people snap on the 1 and the 3 because they took piano or other kinds of classically-oriented music lessons as a child, where one of the first lessons in 4:4 time is to accent the first and third beats of a measure.

Then they discover funkier forms of music, and even though there\'s that backbeat, there\'s also frequently a strong downbeat in the bass that grabs their attention, at which point they\'ve become locked into the one and the three and barely even notice the hipper alternative.

(And yes, by \"they\" I mean \"me.\" I\'m much better these days, though.)

over fifteen years ago

Umm. Java Jitters. Um, thanks? I looked at it. I heared at it. It doesn\\\'t go away.

Just doesn\\\'t go away.

over fifteen years ago

Wow, this far in and no one has commented on the likelihood of O\'Douls suing the cow piss guys for IP (hee) infringement. Guess y\'all have good taste...

As far as the yelling goes, it could very well be a latent tribal thing, not to mention an inducement for audience participation. A couple of years ago, I watched a Japanese Taiko performance at an event at the New Orleans Museum of Art. For those who\'ve never seen it, it\'s a group of people beating the everliving crap out of a bunch of giant drums and shouting and whooping and whatnot. You get caught up in the energy and start shouting along with them. It was pretty cool.

J. D. Mack
over fifteen years ago

\\\"J. D., are you listening?\\\"

Oh, you bet I\\\'m listening! Tony Kaye and Chris Squire\\\'s God-Daughter? That\\\'s pretty juicy! That would make Tony and Chris . . . uh . . . half . . somethings.

Anyway, here we are 21 comments in, and apparently there are no other big Yes geeks, so I\\\'ll do the honors. I disagree to some degree with your statements about Tony Kaye being added at the last minute to Yes. According to David Watkins, in his book “Perpetual Change,” Tony Kaye rehearsed with the band Cinema as a full-fledged member for several months up to the point when they became Yes and started to record “90125.” I’m not 100% sure why he left at that point, but Trevor Rabin played most of the keyboard parts on the album. Eddie Jobson was recruited as Yes’ touring keyboardist (and music video actor), but he left the band when Tony Kaye rejoined to the band. According to Eddie Jobson, your assertion is correct that Tony was pressured into rejoining the band so that they could more legitimately be called “Yes.” You can read Eddie’s full take on the story here: .

So, Tony Kaye did *re*-join Yes at the last minute, but was a true member of Cinema and Yes until sometime during the recording of 90125.

J. D.

over fifteen years ago

I have to admit - my first response to the \'guess what I had to tell the senior citizens at the show with DaVido\' was not \'where the facilities are\' but \'Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to remind you that crowd-surfing, stage-diving and moshing is not allowed and headbanging is not recommended due to DaVido\'s inability to snap in time correctly.\'

Oh, recent anon study has just been released - why did I think of mentioning it here?

over fifteen years ago

[quote]Would exporting cow wee be.....

..taking the piss?

posted by: RAGEnFURY on Fri, 2/27 03:34 AM EST[/quote]

No, that would be IMPORTING it, I think.

posty mcposterton
over fifteen years ago

So, did anyone else say \\\"mm-bweke\\\" after Geo\\\'s 40 or 42-0minutes in \\\"welcome to the Geologic podcast\\\" announcement after the questions about Moon? It was like an odd call and response for me...

Thanks for the PFA... Great stuff... sounds good.

Bovee is my drink name suggestion.


over fifteen years ago

I HATE AUTOTUNE WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. If you have any pitch at all, Autotune is like a cheap cheese grater to your ear.

IF YOU CAN\\\\\\\'T SING, DON\\\\\\\'T TRY.

Peter Sosna
over fifteen years ago

Haven\\\'t listened yet; just got back from seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson!

over fifteen years ago

You forgot Patrick Moraz ....

over fifteen years ago

Would exporting cow wee be.....

..taking the piss?

over fifteen years ago

Thanks for another great show. I liked the PFA recording. Man, if you didn\\\'t live on the wrong coast I\\\'d hire you to play my wedding.

Richard Smith
over fifteen years ago

Another possible cow urine drink name:

Iced Pee.

David P.
over fifteen years ago

I kinda sorta understand \\\"who dogs the outlet\\\" now.

\\\"Octopus in a Chinese food box\\\" is one of the oddest analogies I have ever heard.

Macropinna -- sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. It looks sad (you would be sad too if your head looked like a fishbowl, wait, that\\\'s just too deep).

There is a popular Japanese soft drink brand called \\\"Calpis\\\" which I always thought sounded like \\\"cow piss\\\".

Possible cow urine soft drink names:
\\\"Dr. P.\\\"
\\\"Yellow Bull, Gives you wizz.\\\"

over fifteen years ago

Holy crap, George, spot on about the Oscars. Having heard the other times you explained Who Dogs the Outlet, I knew you\\\'d have something to say about Beyonce.

Continuing with your Wall-E love, though, I think it should have won the sound design and editing awards as well. Ben Burt is a freakin\\\' genius and he was the voice of Wall-E so all that time in the movie where there was no dialog except for Wall-E, it was literally all him.

(And Ben Burt\\\'s wife was the voice of E.T. not that completely untrue Richard Dreyfuss urban legend....she was also Princess Leia\\\'s voice in return of the Jedi when she was diguised as Boushh)


over fifteen years ago

actually she wasn\\\'t his wife....but she did do both I need to figure out what part his wife did, because it was something......

over fifteen years ago

My theory about off-mike stuff is that it sounds more spontaneous and exuberant. I suspect that we expect the planned stuff to happen on-mike, so if someone yells something away from the mike, it automatically sounds more like it\\\'s an uncontrolled outburst brought about by their excitement -- even if it\\\'s completely scripted.

I\\\'ve read that Spike Milligan, when writing the Goon Show, used to include \\\"ad libs\\\" in the sripts, having he and Harry Seacombe and Peter Sellers make fun of each other as if spontaneously, to keep up the chaotic feel of the show.

over fifteen years ago


Since you asked let me bounce these off of you. New cow urine beverage names:

PeePop Sport - with electrolytes!
Aqua Lingam
Golden Calf (in regular and calf-ine free)
Holy Water, bovine edition
Holier than Milk
Longhorn Lemon
Buffalo Gold
Oxen Stock
Bull Brew

over fifteen years ago

Whoo I beat CarrieP to the first comment. Glad to see the Macropinna microstoma made it to the show, being probably one of 100\\\'s of people sending links to it.

Keep up the good work George!

over fifteen years ago

You know, it can be dangerous biking through Toronto while listening to the Geologic Podcast. I nearly ran down a med student listening to Geo describe DaVido\\\'s performance.

I\\\'m only up to Ask George -- short commute -- but I agree completely about Requiems &c. Especially live performances with a 200-member chorus.