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Jun 25, 2009

The Show Notes

The way people clap
     Red Rue
David Carradine
     Oh my Kiev
The end of Kodachrome film
     Eyes like dirt
10 things about the moon landing
     These flowers won’t wilt
Disaronno on the rocks
     An Unforgettable Waltz
The International
     My Gypsy
Ads in the Smithsonian
Shoes off in the house
     Ash Trees
Woody Allen’s Voice
     I Love to Camp
Bruce Wayne’s Accountant
     Female Empowerment
     More Ash Trees
Book: Charlatan
     Such Caring Eyes
Cake Trumps All.
Pummeled by the waiting
     The Gypsy Night Enchants


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Ms. Information says "Chudovo."

almost twelve years ago

Geo! Could you post the original Ukrainian track titles so I can track them down? "I Love to Camp" gives no relevant Google results, and not being a Ukrainian makes it hard to transcribe the titles from audio.

over thirteen years ago

Once again, I am “late to the dance”. But it can be forgiven considering that I only recently discovered GeoLogic and am now seriously addicted. I LOVED this podcast. I just loved the music. Thank you. More again sometime or make this a CD, too or downloadable as an album. I LOVED it so very much…I was literally dancing around my backyard as I put out peanuts for the squirrels and seed for the winter warblers. I know i will listen again and again.

almost fifteen years ago

And you did Night & Day in between all this?! Duzse dyakuyu!

almost fifteen years ago

And never forget - no matter how people in a crowd clap, they\\\'ll always clap on 1 and 3 ;-) Argh!

almost fifteen years ago

Lesia and Uki:

I just spent the weekend at Vovcha Tropa (Chornomortsi rada) and listened to this all over again on the way there/back. A while back, I was invited to give a guest set of lectures on astronomy (using a mobile planetarium and real telescopes) to all four camps the weekend of TAM - maybe I\\\'ll be able to help a few of the kids take their first important steps away from the religion they\\\'re being indoctrinated with, and I\\\'ll be using many of the techniques Geo has taught me. I may even use this podcast in my attempt, to show them that there is a Ukrainian musician who\\\'s also into science. And you can bet that FAR will be played many times by me that weekend!

almost fifteen years ago

This episode came to mind again, after reading the following: :(

almost fifteen years ago

@podblack -- I suppose we could ding Penn in turn for being speciesist -- \'What\'s all this \"human pride\" crap?\' :-/

The problem I see is that he has half, or maybe a quarter, of a real point, but he doesn\'t seem to acknowledge the massive sliding scale between his \"citizen of the world\" ideal and ethnic supremacy. One of the nice things about atheism as a worldview is that it allows anybody (IMO) to be a cultural Jew or a cultural Scot or a cultural Okinawan, if you\'re willing to put the effort into learning about the culture in question. What atheism doesn\'t do, alas, is allow people to erase history and make it as though their parents and grandparents never existed.

(Why Penn has a part of a point -- well, there\'s no shortage in history of ethnic preservation and pride movements going terribly awry. But he needs to substantiate any claim of wrongness with, you know, evidence. Not slippery-slope fearmongering.)

almost fifteen years ago

*snorfle* - good points, Marvin. :) I also had visions of every sporting event that involves nations suddenly packing up the flags and slinking off home... :p Mind, maybe the demise of Eurovision wouldn\\\'t be _so awful_... but I think the point of Eurovision is that it _is_ awful...

almost fifteen years ago

Hi. My laptop is dead so I am sitting at a computer at my public library with a set of ear buds. I was laughing, and sobbing, sometimes at the same time!! If I needed to explain this podcast to someone, I don\\\'t think I\\\'d know where to begin.
This is a bravura performance. Thank you for transporting me to the Vovcha Tropa and Soyuzivka
of my youth!

George Hrab
almost fifteen years ago


How cool is that. A note from sisterly person! Kids- Lesia is my sis... be nice.


...and thanks for all the other nice comments. It means everything to me.


almost fifteen years ago

I. Hate. Flip flops. Hate \\\'em.

almost fifteen years ago

I thought \\\"Sway\\\" sounded familiar!

Is there an English version of \\\"Farewell\\\"?
I sorta collect Tangos, and That one sound great, I just want to be able to understand the words, and learning Ukranian is out of my brain\\\'s capabilities, I think.

almost fifteen years ago

Much as I love the regular shows, I really enjoy it when you break format like this. Great episode, and some lovely music. Thanks!

Brian Sperger
almost fifteen years ago

I’ve done it…..I have heard every show, I’ve followed the ups and downs and all the emotions. Considering I just started a couple months ago, I think I’ve done well.

Have a great time at TAM. I’ll be sitting with my Drinking Skeptically Meetup buddies July 9th wishing I were there. I’ll definitely be there next year though. But, if not for podcasts like this and Daniel Loxton’s projects telling me to off my ass and get active, I probably wouldn’t have even been doing this much.

Thank you Geo and keep up the award winning work,

Brian Sperger

almost fifteen years ago

This was a cool change of pace. If you re-recorded Tempo\'s songs yourself, which is what it sounds like, I\'d love to hear about the process in some future podcast.

Regarding Batman\'s finances -- I\'ve been thinking for a while now that Bruce Wayne could do a lot more good for Gotham city if he spent his crime-fighting budget on improving education, providing daycare, fighting poverty, and so on. The movies would suck, though. Batman: The Well-Organized Philanthropist probably won\'t sell many tickets.

almost fifteen years ago

Знаменито! Браво!

You picked my favorite Uke songs and peppered with great stories. I love this episode, even if I\\\'m only half way through!

George Hrab
almost fifteen years ago


Colleen Marie
almost fifteen years ago

That was brilliant!

almost fifteen years ago

In Canada, removing your shoes when entering a house (your own or someone else\\\'s) is standard -- shoes indoors is not an \\\"in the West\\\" thing. Up here, you\\\'re far more likely to hear, \\\"Oh, don\\\'t worry about taking your shoes off, it\\\'s ok\\\" than \\\"Oh, could you please take your shoes off?\\\"

Apparently US expats up here find this strange and discomfiting when they first encounter it. A former Manhattanite friend of mine blogged about it at

almost fifteen years ago

I LOVE the song Sway and have several versions of it... now I have another... thank you.

I tend to not wear shoes as much as I possibly can, often spending days barefoot. If I am going to track anything into your house it will be off my feet and not my shoes... would you make me put on shoes to enter your house in these cases?

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

Love the presumably Ukrainian standards...


almost fifteen years ago


almost fifteen years ago

If these are preview tracks from Trebuchet, I’ll have some strong words for slau...

Happy Constitution day!

almost fifteen years ago

Are those songs off Tempo\\\'s album?

almost fifteen years ago

I clap with one hand.