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Jul 9, 2009

The Show Notes

A Freberg Fourth
Last week
If you see/hear me at TAM7
Donna's lights
Religious Moron of the Week

- Rev. Mark Ostgarden  from John Funk
- Dena & Gordon Coleman  from Eran Segev, Jay Esposito
- Turkish TV gameshow  from Illya Schwartz
- David Cerullo  from Illya Schwartz
- Phillip Glenn Wagner  from Jason Pelloni
Truck vs. motorcycle
Ask George
- Cooking w/Booze?  from Paul Rothrock
- Funk?  from Sharon
- Creation?  from Stephen Pagan
- Which Bible?  from Jeff Carlson
TAM7 prep (MACs RULE!)
Say vibraphone, styrofoam, pope shenouda, etc.
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Geologic HQ/Sheer Brick Studio lights one, two, three; Starfish Brasserie in Bethlehem, PA; TAM7.

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Ms. Information says 1] I couldn't love the Bethlehem cops, firefighters and EMTs more. Those unbelievable people rock our Valley. 2] Hey! I can see! Thanks to the Maestro, of course. Man, I heart that guy. He risked electrocution for me!

almost fifteen years ago

It was really cool chatting to you at TAM, the talent and elements shows were awesome, and once more I shall say to you... VIBRAPHONE!!!!!!

almost fifteen years ago

When I make Tiramisu, I usually use Gran Marnier or Gran Gala in the Espresso.

Didn\\\'t get to this one until after TAM. Must have been having a fabulous time, or something. :)

almost fifteen years ago

So does Steve Jobs give good head?

almost fifteen years ago

I didn\\\'t get my hands on the podcast until I was back from TAM, so I didn\\\'t get to do the signal. Still, it was great to chat with you!

For the person who asked about bibles: in addition to whichever version you decide to pick up, get a copy of Asimov\\\'s Guide to the Bible. It does a great job of putting the Bible stories in a historical context.

David Plotz\\\'s Blogging the Bible is also quite good, though it\\\'s more a humorous series of personal observations on reading the Torah. It was recently published in dead tree form under the title Good Book: Blogging the Bible.

J. D. Mack
almost fifteen years ago

I work as a video editor. I have been editing on PCs for 16 years. And yes, they lock up and crash a lot and I\\\'ve gotten very good at remembering to \\\"save\\\" every few minutes. But I have a fiend who recently bought a Mac with Final Cut Pro, and he invited me over to help him figure it out. I was able to crash that computer within the hour. I\\\'m not impressed by Macs.

On a different subject, when discussing alcohol, you made an analogy which involved ecstasy. You followed that by saying \\\"not that I\\\'m comparing the two.\\\" Why not? I\\\'ll gladly compare alcohol and any \\\"illegal\\\" drug. They\\\'re both fun to take and they both have the potential to lead to unintended consequences. There\\\'s no real difference, except laws and social norms.

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

Yes, Macs rule. I use all kinds of computers daily in my job and at home; and although Macs aren\\\'t flawless, they are so much more pleasant to use than PCs with Microsoft Windows (note that Linux is very stable on PC hardware, but is not as mainstream). Macs with Mac OS X definitely have fewer crashes and fewer odd frustrating behaviors. Apple customer service is top notch when there is a problem.

@Carriep The date with Geo was won for $600 at TAM. A lady won (I think it was Keisha who sometimes comments here), and she co-wrote a song with Geo and sang it up on stage during a break in the talent show. The audience loved it. Too bad she wasn\\\'t a contestant.

I watched a lot of TAM7 on the ustream feed, and saw all of the Periodic Table performance and the talent show that Geo hosted. Ms. Info was sometimes in the chat room on ustream. They definitely recorded it, and it will probably be on the TAM7 DVD set.

Bastard Sheep
almost fifteen years ago

During the auction I muted the PC and put this podcast back on through my iphone ...

... does this count or does it have to be live?

almost fifteen years ago

A few words on electricity...the black wire is conventionally used for the hot side, and white wire is neutral and the bare copper lead is the ground. AC, or Alternate Current, travels in a sine wave, the hot side mirrored by the neutral, traveling at 60hertz, or cycles per second. That is the US Standard, Europe and other regions differ. I am an electrician of sorts, card carrying apprentice therein. I\\\'ve made it a rule to carry a voltage sensor, available where you find electrical tools in Home Depot or Lowe\\\'s. Then you will know for sure when the circuit is live or not.

As a musician, you\\\'re likely aware of the sine wave, it is how sound is portrayed as traveling, tone shifting the frequency. The AC wave should not deviate in frequency by much, that is what causes surges or \\\"brown-outs\\\".

But enough on your attempt to be fried. Enjoy TAM, and we\\\'ll catch you when you come back. You know, the Signal could\\\'ve used that special telephone that you use to call ahead in time this past week...or was it the week before?

Until then, keep flyin\\\', Geo.

almost fifteen years ago

Woo, I should know better than to try posting in the mid-wee hours! AC is Alternating Current, Jorge, the converse of DC, Direct Current. Sine wave for the former, not so much for the latter. You\\\'d hear a subtle buzz from a speaker plugged into the wall socket before the magnet blows out! LOL The current goes from full positive to full negative 60 times per second, and the mirror sine wave is carried on the white, or neutral lead.

You were likely playing with a 15A circuit, which is enough to change your view of the world, but not enough to do any real damage unless you were barefoot on a grounded metal surface or in a tub full of water - or just covering your toes.

Hope that you\\\'re enjoying TAM, and feel free to contact me if you attempt any more adventures in power supplies...

almost fifteen years ago

I\'ve been using a PC my entire adult life, and I have seen a blue screen of death maybe once.
It en\'t that bad! :)

almost fifteen years ago

I don\\\'t drink any sort of alcohol either but cooking is the one place that alcohol just can\\\'t be replaced in many recipes. So many flavors are brought out by alcohol. I make the best homemade spaghetti sauce that requires several cups of wine (and all day to cook).

Also for the bible question, the Oxford Study Bible is quite good and it includes the Apocrypha which are quite interesting reading.

almost fifteen years ago

\\\"Pork Moat\\\" should definitely be the new Vibraphone.