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Oct 1, 2009

The Show Notes

Cannoli nachos
TAM London
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

- Iran’s virgin rapers  from David Barwick
- Abdul Mouti Bayoumi  from David Barwick
- Brian Lee Randone  from Bruce Press, Peter Sosna
- Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort  from Josh Harrison
- Aussie religious education advisory panel  from David Clarke
- Max Feinberg  from Peter Sosna
- Mesac Damas  from Miranda Richards, Jared Congiardo, Patrick Lawrence
- Maximo Garza  from Rob Hinkley
- Jessica Banks  from Bob Arens, Miranda Richardson
- The Bell Shoals Baptist Church  from Hunter Elendbaas, Patrick Lawrence
- Matthew Cordell  from James HG Redekop, Jared Congiardo
- Conservative States
- Jose Flores  from Danny Zepeda, Richard Lane, James HG Redekop, Travis Roy, Miranda Richards, Kendra Antony, Raymond Moore
- Steven L. Anderson  from Maria Myrback
- Gunther Link  from Danny Zepeda, Mark Crislip
Thanks to Tracy King and Milton Mermikides
See you in London!
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almost fourteen years ago

I nearly crapped myself when I heard the story about Brian Randone. I also went to Southwestern Seminary and was a member of the touring drama team, The Company. We performed at Christian events all over the US. We did quite a few events with Brian (he truly was a Christian mime) and some of the guys on our team even roomed with him a couple of times.
This is just freaking me out!

almost fourteen years ago

Great show. Also try googling \\\"cannoli dip\\\"!

Steve Andrew
almost fourteen years ago

Hi Geo,
Welcome to the UK! I really wish I could go to your show, but I\'m at work. :-(

A word of warning about all of us Brits, it\'s something we generally don\'t talk about, but you probably should know. Mary Poppins was in fact a documentary and we all really sound like Dick Van Dyke. Anytime you hear one of us speak, we just put on our accents for show - behind closed doors we all sound like mid-Atlantic chimney-sweeps. It\'s all \"strike-a-light\" and \"apples-an-pears\" and no mistake. It\'s a dirty little secret we\'ve been keeping from the outside world for decades.

Oh, it feels so good to finally get that off my chest...

Have fun at TAM!

almost fourteen years ago

Not to stomp on your hope or anything, but during the recent solar eclipse in China & India, pregnant women were being told to stay indoors to protect their fetuses from evil influences.

On the next-to-last American Freethought (Episode 66), their interviewee, Danny Zepeda, mentioned a lunar eclipse during which his then-pregnant wife was told that she must put a red ribbon over her belly to protect her child if she wanted to go outside while the Moon was eclipsed.

So, while people aren\\\'t running around thinking the world will end, there are still plenty of silly superstitions circulating.

David P.
almost fourteen years ago

When you search for \\\"cannoli nachos\\\" on Google, is already the 4th highest entry. The recipe mentioned earlier is the 1st entry. Maybe someone can lobby for cannoli nachos at TAM8.

Oh look, it can be ordered online
Expensive though, probably because it is perishable and needs special shipment.

over fourteen years ago

Magnificent Moron Menagerie!

over fourteen years ago

Are these the cannoli nachos you\\\'re looking for?

Peter Sosna
over fourteen years ago

Yee Haw! I\'m first and I contributed 2 morons!!

over fourteen years ago

Look forward to seeing you tonight, and the Romanian woman youtube account is ZOMGitsCriss. A cool and interesting woman.

over fourteen years ago

Can you post a link to the response video to the Kirk Cameron youtube? I\\\'m having difficulty locating it.

over fourteen years ago

I sent you this via Twitter, but I have no idea how many messages you\\\'d have to sort through to see it.

I would not be surprised if there were other Italian pastry shops that have cannoli chips and dip.