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Dec 3, 2009

The Show Notes

Evel Knievel
"Traffic" by Tom Vanderbilt
Q&A from Boston
50 Stories
Speak To You
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Thanks to Maggie McFee for the Boston audio


Mentioned in the show, and then some:

Evel Knievel at wiki

Evel Knievel, 1971 film starring George Hamilton
available as full download at Internet Archive

Viva Knievel, 1977 film starring Knievel as himself

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt

Maggie McFee's Whinging on the Internet since 1994
and That dapper lad, video of Geo synching with Pomplamoose

Boston Skeptics home
Video of Geo's live performance on 11/23/09: in two parts.


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Ms. Information says, "I saw that Knievel flick when I was 11 and loved it. I think my age group was the target audience."

fourteen and a half years ago

I loved my Evel Knievel crank wind motorcycle thing! I remember making it jump a few feet, and I totally remember the spin!!! Awesome.

But what happened the most was one of the other kids in my neighborhood had one and we used to race them. I wonder what ever happened to that thing.

David P.
fourteen and a half years ago

Geo, I\\\'m surprised you didn\\\'t answer \\\"Hall\\\" for the Hall and Oates question. Darryl Hall worked with Fripp in the late 1970\\\'s and almost formed one incarnation of King Crimson with Hall as lead singer, but plans fell through.

fourteen and a half years ago

Tom In Melbourne - keep an eye on the website and the Skeptic Zone podcast - Richard Saunders and Dr Rachie are involved in the running of it. :)

fourteen and a half years ago

I guess no other listeneres are mechanics, but Geo, you really stepped on it, when you compared a \\\"Chevy F-150\\\" to the Mini. The F-150 is a staple of the FORD line, not GM. The HOA is a Silverado.

Once that was past, however, another stellar show.

fourteen and a half years ago

I used to have one of those Evel figures and they were AWESOME when you were 7 or so. I had completely forgotten about this but listening to you brought memories flooding back.

My brother and I used to clear a straight path from my bedroom to the kitchen (about 40-50 feet) and it worked great. Yeah, if you judged it wrong it would go into a tight spin on it\\\'s side.

I had no idea other people had a hard time making it work - maybe this is my one true talent and I\\\'ve been wasting the last 35 years!

Oh, and you owe me a dollar.

Tom in Melbourne
fourteen and a half years ago


This is going to be like some sort of amazing meeting! I don\\\'t know how I managed to miss any previous announcement of this.

fourteen and a half years ago

My folks always take their Christmas cards to Noel, Missouri (pronounced in one syllable - \"Nol\" - because it\'s southeast Missouri and they\'re hicks) to get their cards done. Some people are so dedicated that they\'ll throw all their cards in a huge envelope and mail it to the Postmaster there for the Christmas cancellation.

Not sure why I\'m mentioning that, but there you go.

John Blesso
fourteen and a half years ago

I\\\'m under the impression that Liberace gave the jumpsuit idea to Elvis. Evil Knieval was wearing one after Elvis, I think. Either way, do gay men have to call the stylistic shots every single time? Do they?

Chuck D.
fourteen and a half years ago

\\\"Fingers a-twaddlin\\\' \\\"?

fourteen and a half years ago

I had one of those wind-up Evel Knievel motorcycle toys as a kid. I don\'t remember being particularly dissatisfied with it, though. (Then again, I also loved the Three Stooges. Maybe I just have low standards.) Anyway, eventually I met another kid who also had an Evel Knievel toy, except he had the newer model where the motorcycle had rocket-engine pods mounted on either side of the back tire.

That\'s right: rocket engine pods, powered by the same Sparkler Technology (TM) that operated the plastic ray guns you could buy at the Five-and-Dime. That thing was AWESOME.

And it taught me an important lesson: playing with toys is fine, but the real fun comes from playing with fire.

fourteen and a half years ago

Did you ever wonder why they were prepared to film Evil K\\\'s Ceasar Palace jump with a high speed camera? Somebody must have thought \\\"Ya know, this guy\\\'s gonna go splat. Let\\\'s run a camera at 500 frames per second.\\\"

George Hrab
fourteen and a half years ago


Oddly enough, Mr. Vanderbilt of Traffic says that NEWER cars are statistically more often involved in crashes, BECAUSE they feel more safe. again- the whole counter-intuitive thang. weird.


Nope, Ms.Info was not in Boston, but I was interacting with the lovely Kiki Leigh.