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Jan 7, 2010

The Show Notes

Thanks, W.P.
Happy Birthday, Sis
Happy New Year's
Decennial Nomenclature
Watchmen Crazy Über Edition
Cleaning Cabinets
Horror Scopes
Religious Moron of The Week

- Roberto Carlos Magalhaes
- Baba Jamun Yadav  from Kristin Carlsson
Interesting Fauna
- Sinornithosaurus  from Sharon Hill
Slau’s String Theory
Ask George
- Why religion?  from Keith Kwiatkowski
Thanks for all the holiday stuff
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Ms. Information says, "Mno hayalita, Lesia! Wishing all of you an awesome start to a new decade and a particularly spectacular new year!"

over fourteen years ago

I\'ll have to check out the Watchmen director\'s cut, but I doubt it\'s much improvement over the theatrical release (which I found disappointing).
And the \"Motion Comic\" is a great idea in theory, but it\'s cut off at the knees by the guy reading the dialogue; it would benefit from at least one more, female, reader.

PS: turned my brother on to your show last Christmas; you\'re his new favorite podcast!

PS: turned my brother on to your show last Christmas; you\\\'re his new favorite podcast!

Chris Sol
over fourteen years ago

Totally with you on the \"turn of the decade\" stuff Geo. Cecil Adams has been dealing with this vexed question since at least 1975, see here: -

and then later here: -

and still again here: -

If Cecil can\'t answer it, the answer is unknowable. Hence the problem with 2010.

Nice to have you back by the way. We missed you :)

PS - when cleaning out my mother\'s flat I found at least 3kg (that\'s 6.6lb) of table salt in her cupboard!

over fourteen years ago

An Ornithosaurus may be a \\\"bird lizard\\\", but an Ornery Thesaurus is what Mortimer uses to work up new insults for Geo.

over fourteen years ago

I really missed not having a show last week. Looking forward to listening to this one, thank you for all your effort!

Paul Maki
over fourteen years ago

\\\"The Now Show\\\" took to calling it the \\\"Noughties\\\" and I too have adopted the expression.

I used an Amazon gift card to acquire the Watchmen Uber-Set but have only just cracked the seal on it so far.

Carrie P
over fourteen years ago

4. Celery Salt\\\'s good for:

a. Dairy-based dip.
b. adding to soup stocks when you don\\\'t have celery.
c. adding to garlic bread.

5. I\\\'ve never seen Bay Leaves liquidate, BUT, I\\\'ve seen
a. garlic and broccoli liquidate
b. Bay leaves dust like a 90\\\'s vampire.

6. I think you may have committed genocide by throwing away that bottle of ranch. Or perhaps prevented it by not allowing Darpa to use it as a bioweapon.

7. Kiki Lee rocks. Girl\\\'s got a good head on heer shoulders. Perhaps you should make it a yearly thing to clean out your pantry, however.

Anthony F.
over fourteen years ago

Geo, these are the twenty-teens.

over fourteen years ago

I though that the last decade was generally called \\\"the naughties\\\".
I\\\'m still not sure whether I like that or not.
My favourite term for the next decade is definately
\\\"the onesies\\\"