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Feb 4, 2010


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Thanks everyone... Best one yet!

Vibraphone: The Musical

Narrated by Richard Saunders
“Relics” – Rob Hinkley
“Some say…” Keisha & Marvin
“Stalking” – Carmen D'Cruz
“Ms Information” – Ice-nine (formerly The New Icepicks, formerly Bruce Press and The Icepicks, formerly Icepick and the Icetray, formerly The Icepick Family Singers) ie Bruce, Julie, Ben, & Allie Press
“A Bad Impersonation of William Shatner performing a George Hrab song” – Arkle
“12 Days of Geologic Christmas” – Brian “No E” Mahony
“The Tell-Tale Podcast” – Damian Handzy
"A One Act Play" – Stephen Whelan and Matthew Champion
“An e-mail from Australia” – Kylie Sturgess aka Podblack
“Trebuchet AU” – The Schenectady-Sydney Trebuchet Consortium
“Theo” – Michael Fridman and Mat Jones
“An Anniversary Toast” – Bill “Reggie” Kaplan   Show close

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Overseen and constructurized by: Carrie P
Vibraphone: The Musical theme by: Milton Mermikides
Cover art by: Brian "No E" Mahony

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Ms. Information says, "Best Fancast anywhere evah! You kids are extraordinary!"


almost thirteen years ago


Oh man. I almost lost it big time.

Chris Sol
almost thirteen years ago

Well, everyone involved, that was amazing! In true Holy Grail style, a series of vaguely interconnected bits loosely interwoven into a consistent theme (Vibraphone - The Musical: sheer genius!). The Stalker song, together with the Icepicks\' \"Ms Info\" song, were highlights that had me literally laughing out loud (and I mean literally as in literally, not literally as in figuratively).

So gives yourselves a big pat on the back. It really was taken to another level this year. Excellent!

almost thirteen years ago

Holy shit guys, that was outstanding.

almost thirteen years ago

Just listened to the Fancast. Awesome work everyone, great work. I think The Theologic Podcast should become a regular part of Geologic!

Greg Dorais
almost thirteen years ago

\" ... The podcast had sharpened my senses! ... \"


almost thirteen years ago

@JHGRedekop - Some say that if Geo *were* the Stig, he\'d be terrified by Australians; and, that he\'d leave skid marks in other people\'s lederhosen.

All we know is, CarrieP deserves a huge round of applause for putting this thing together!

almost thirteen years ago

Happy anniversary, Geo! Hope you enjoyed it.

posty mcposterton
almost thirteen years ago

Great show, guys!


almost thirteen years ago

I agree with the comment about Milton\\\'s song - it\\\'s so Geologic-y! :)

almost thirteen years ago

Wait... Does this mean that Geo is The Stig?

I\\\'m not sure if that explains anything or not.

Fan downunder
almost thirteen years ago

Fantastic show, So Awesome!! Top notch work by all. Big thanks to everyone for this delicious slice of thought provoking time.

matthew T. champion
almost thirteen years ago

Who are you calling slacker? Surely not I of the Public Library Computer. now Stephen is another story... ... ...

Rob Hinkley
almost thirteen years ago

LOL at \"stalking\" song and podblack\'s letter about Oz\'s wide variety of interesting fauna.

Peter Sosna
almost thirteen years ago

I am very disappointed that I was not invited to participate this year.