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Aug 5, 2010

The Show Notes

One word: Inception
Inkredulous podcast
Respecting random timer settings
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Father Valentin from lots of people
Triceratops & Torosaurus
Ask George
     - Religious co-worker? from Cyn in Canada
     - Clothing? from Jaden
     - Anti-Protest protest? from Mari in MI
Happy Birthday Baby LIVE (soon)
Upcoming stuff including Bethlehem, Atlanta, Chicago, Texas, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, New Zealand, Liverpool, Finland & Sweden. Phew.
Show close.


Mentioned in the Show
and other information

Inkredulous Podcast Episode 6, Merseyside Skeptics

Andy Wilson

Brian Dunning

Michael Marshall

Dave the Happy Singer


Tuesday, August 10
Triologic at Starfish during Musikfest

Friday, August 13
Philadelphia Funk Authority at Musikfest

Sunday Aug 15
Rose Garden Vince Pettinelli Big Band
Happy Birthday Baby LIVE-

Thursday September 2
Atlanta Skeptics Star Party

September 3-6
Including hosting the PARSEC Awards

September 10
Triologic at Starfish

September 11-12
Chicago Skeptics

October 9
Texas Freethought Convention, Dallas/Fort Worth

November 24 - Dec 5
TAM Australia [on Facebook]
New Zealand

February 5-6
Information to come

February TBD
Golden Ticket Concert: Vantaa, Finland
Sweden Skeptics Concert


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almost fourteen years ago

Gotta say Geo, I think that whole not being able to stop the microwave early thing is a neurosis affecting but a small part of the population. I know I have no problem with it, and neither do most of the people at work or at home that I observe. So good luck with that.

almost fourteen years ago

Fred Phelps is full of more bullshit than you can believe.

Also, hooray for Chicago gigs!

almost fourteen years ago

@bastardsheep Yeah, but the other side of Geo's advice was that _if_ that should happen, _that's_ when she should go to HR with her complaint.

Bastard Sheep
almost fourteen years ago


I actually disagree with the advice given to the person with a religious coworker. With how self loathing the religious coworker is, there is a chance that subconciously he's looking for somewhere other than at himself to direct his anger and loathing. If she was to be open and direct with him, he could very easily start directing all his pent up anger and hatred at her, leaving her in a much worse situation.

I do wish the best for her though and hope that we do hear a follow-up on how things are going.

almost fourteen years ago

Hey George,

I am really excited you are coming to Australia this year, especially when I found out you are coming to Melbourne (my home town!)
I am bummed I won't be able to make it to TAM. Do you have more deets about your Melbourne visit?

almost fourteen years ago

Ha! I spent a little time on Skype telling Dave The Happy Singer how brill he was and writing a review on iTunes AND telling the Inkredulous podcast that it was a great idea having you all on the show - and now he gets a mention in this show! Whoot! :) Looking forward to seeing you all combine powers (not sure if it's for good or evil though) in Sydney. :)