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Mar 7, 2007

The show notes:

Guest Intro
DJ Story
Ohio Players Boxed Set
History Chunk
- Nicolas V
- Ferdinand and Guam
- Missouri Compromise
- Canada?
- Periodic "Theory"
- Trademarks
- Muhammad Ali, 4 Minute Mile...
Balticon Guest
Grandma's Entertainment Report
- Cameron, Weaver, Avatar
- Parker Posey
- Lucy Lawless and Football Wives
Exponential Times
Interesting Fauna
- Repenomamus
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
- Samuel Dombey
Gig Friday


Mentioned in the show: Balticon, The Power of Technology video, the Repenomamus, Musician's Cooler, and Wired Gallery and Cafe in Bethlehem, PA.
And don't forget: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, an idea or a good question? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

alan saiz
over seventeen years ago

Tee Morris recommended your show and I\\\\\\\'m glad he did. The podcast is terrific, imaginative and hysterically funny. You will be a permanent item on my subscription list from here on out.

(update your myspace page...shame on you)

over seventeen years ago

the ohio players skit was so damned funny! its official i\\\'m addicted to this podcast! can i please be your official stalker, i have references!

raequel aka systris

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Stalk away, baby!


over seventeen years ago

PFA is playing at Kildare\\\'s off of south street this weekend, right? well..stalk ya laters! :-P