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Mar 14, 2007

The show notes:

Band Rehearsal
Noah and Morty
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

-Militant Hindus from Rajasthan
Next Week's Geo calls in
Science Minute
-Bomb Sniffing  
Geo's Q&A at Wired
-daylight savings fame fortune both?
-Captain America
-why naked
-CPAC porn star
-slammin' body
-Brady Bunch / Gilligan's Island
-soup... cup... bowl
-clothing / skinny guy
-leather pants
-foreign policy
-penguin on the telly
-Newt Bill Bush
-paper or plastic
-bald... again
-how many CDs?
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Philadelphia Funk Authority and Wired Gallery and Cafe in Bethlehem, PA.

And don't forget: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, an idea or a good question you need answered? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

almost seventeen years ago

another great show...but when oh when are you going to perform solo in the philly area!

Tee Morris
almost seventeen years ago

DC is close enough for me. Say when, and I\\\'m there. ;^)

Counting down to Balticon...

almost seventeen years ago

Can we, just once in a while, have a scientific moron of the week? Just to show that we\\\'re not snobs about morons.

I have a candidate:

Chris Sol
fourteen and a half years ago

Just browsing. had to comment though, as recaptcha was \"New moaning\". I love it!

Tee Morris
almost seventeen years ago

Dude...this set you\\\'re describing in Episode #5...

Living in America
Let\\\'s Dance
Ain\\\'t Too Proud to Beg

...all this, back to back with YOUR stuff...

Dude, when are you performing in Virginia?

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

I think the closest we get to Virginia proper is DC. You should hear the funk band- it\\\'s really a lot of fun. (We don\\\'t really do any Geologic material though...) There\\\'s a pretty decent video thingy on . You can see me in TOTAL musical director mode. SERIOUS ORGANIZER DOOD WITH GLASSES. Nice.

Thanks for listening! Great vid from you and your progeny too, by the way.


thanks for the promo.


almost seventeen years ago

Good Show, George. I missed one reference, the second time you got the \"bald question.\" You talked about being partially bald as \"The grammarian guard thing.\" I\'m pretty sure I\'m misspelling it, but where does that come from?

George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

Oh- I just stink. I was trying to think of the the guy that\\\'s Lando Calrisian\\\'s helper on cloud city... you know the guy with the sorta-headphone like things on his bald noggin- (his name is actually LOBOT... duh...) and instead of THAT guy I said the name of the pig guards that man the door at Jabba the Hut\\\'s place.(Gammarian guard) Yetch. I should hand in my nerd liscence.

Thanks for listening though...

almost seventeen years ago

Morty is terrific. Great show.