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Feb 13, 2008

Show Notes:

February Holidays
Fire extinguisher
Leave Me Alone
Religious Moron of the Week

Plaxico Burress  from Chuck D.
Aziz Khaki et al.  from Henk vB.
Telemarketing Chat
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make With the Good English
Colonel  from Mark C.
Bumper Stickers
Geo takes some calls
Ask George   
Is it art?  from Anim5
Soccergirl's F.U. Fox News
Analog Velvet: Far From The Tree
Show close


Mentioned in the show: The F.U. Fox News vidcast from Soccergirl Incorporated; The F.U. spot on YouTube; Chuck's review of Interrobang; the Geologic Radio Hour archive where Nick is a frequent guest; the Wildflower Cafe; Analog Velvet on myspace; Analog Velvet.

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julio from NY
over sixteen years ago


Thanks for that url link. I listened to an episode from 2/2/08 and found it very enlightening. I think I\\\'ve discovered that I\\\'m somewhere between unitarianism and agnosticsm. It\\\'s always good to get a better idea of oneself :)

over sixteen years ago

Re: the RMotW
I see both sides, but I still lean towards Geo and Chuck\\\'s stance.

Re: Telemarketing chat
HAH! I\\\'ve spent the past couple of years working with call centers. The previous call center did just that. It mostly took calls, but there were some campaigns which cold called people. That skit hit SOOOO close. I dig it.

fifteen and a half years ago

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over sixteen years ago

@ Marvin: Absolutely. In fact I would like to hear George tackle that idiocy in the next show.

Kevin Stephenson
over sixteen years ago

Finally Caught up Damn it !!

Just wanted to say , great show as usual ! and now I can finally splatter the comments like the rest of the listeners and not feel too bad about not being up to date :p


The Official City Of The Geological Podcast :

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over sixteen years ago




over sixteen years ago


Art is a little boy\\\'s name.

Also, Huntsville, Atlanta or Huntsville, Alabama?

And finally, believing that God blesses sporting events or cares about politics (is He really a Republican?) is pretty moronic. I would assume He\\\'s got better things to do.

Great show as usual.


over sixteen years ago

Whenever I see athletes do whatever special little \\\"thank god\\\" gesture it is that they do, I always imagine god and Jesus and their buddies hanging out in his basement playing Madden on his Xbox....but, you know, some kind of amazing cosmic Xbox that controls the actions of real players. Sunday is god\\\'s day of rest, right? So....what do you do when you rest? Chillax with your buddies and play video games......

....think about it....


over sixteen years ago

Re: Plaxico -- Carrie, Julio, I\'m wavering on this one. I agree that it\'s not very satisfying to single out an athlete\'s shout-out to god as RMotW. But that\'s because such shout-outs are so popular and banal that one might better criticize the institution than the individual. However, I don\'t think there\'s even a particle of humility at work in these kinds of shout-outs. You know how kings and generals like to have themselves being portrayed as kneeling to god while dealing death to the enemy, to show that they have god\'s blessing? That\'s the mindset at work here, I think, but on a smaller scale.

As I believe even Jesus is reputed to have observed -- something about not praying in the streets like hypocrites -- real humility with respect to god happens in private. It doesn\'t mean Plaxico\'s a bad person necessarily, or that he\'s ungrateful to his teammates, but the habit of publicly conjoining oneself with god\'s will does suggest a deeply moronic tendency to forget that the universe doesn\'t revolve around oneself.

Re: Enjoying competency and guide dogs -- Geo, I really like your observation here. To see any creature excel -- that is a great, great pleasure. (Even if the creature is Plaxico Burress, as long as he\'s beating the Patriots.)

Re: Minoishe Interrobang -- Is there any way to get Minoishe a recurring role on, say, Sesame Street? Or maybe one of those little two-minute bits that airs between shows on PBS, like \"Star Gazer?\" I just love this shit.

over sixteen years ago

OK, now that I\'m done brown-nosing, I have a question/nomination. Depending on your take, this might be an \"Ask George\" or it might be an \"Irreligious Moron of the Week.\"

Over at, the president of American Atheists has posted a video about how secularists should refrain from voting, en masse, as a protest against political candidates\' general failure to satisfactorily address practical and Constitutional secular issues.

For a host of reasons I think that this is a really bad idea, bad enough to be considered irresponsible, dangerous, and yes, moronic. What do you think?

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

Thank you Carrie for seeing my point of view. That\\\'s exactly what I was trying to say. Obviously she was able to say it more succinctly then I was capable. I believe that\\\'s exactly how he was trying to express himself, with humility and good graces.

Oh, btw Geo, he did thank his teammates as well. Right before he was caught up in tears of joy and gratitude and just couldn\\\'t and just couldn\\\'t answer questions anymore.

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

same here. I try to see both sides of the story as well and I don\\\'t try to let things get under my skin. I just sometimes feel the need to step in when I see a form of injustice happening. Like Socrates once said, something along the lines of, \\\"All I know is that I know nothing\\\". I try to take that approach to life. Like I said on my first entry, I\\\'ve never saw anything wrong with the previous \\\"morons\\\" because they were getting their just deserts. Plaxico wasn\\\'t in that case. I\\\'m not saying he\\\'s completely right for thanking God in the first place, but I emphathize with the setting he was in, the state of emotion he was going through and the manner in which he chose to express his euphoria and gratefulness.

Ok, I\\\'m so ready to move on.. What\\\'s this Air America show about atheism called? I went to their site but I couldn\\\'t find it. I so miss \\\"Morning Sedition\\\". Marc Maron was the man. At least they still have Rachel Maddow :)

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


I\\\'m sorry if those 2 minutes ruined the other 45, but ANY athlete who, in front of a potential BILLION people worldwide, thanks GOD for helping him WIN a GAME, is a moron.


That should be INSULTING to people who DO believe in god, let alone us heathens. Not only does a MORONIC statement like that diminish god\\\'s supposed priorities, but it completley IGNORES and discounts the influence and help of all of the trainers, and coaches, and doctors, and team-mates, and...

Sorry J...

He\\\'s a Maw-Rahn.


over sixteen years ago

Good kvestion, Jeff, son of MARK, not MATT, Menoishe.

Julio From NY
over sixteen years ago

I couldn\\\'t really enjoy this episode. Up to this point, I\\\'ve never had an objection about the \\\"religious morons of the week\\\". And then Chuck D\\\'s referral of Plaxico Burress materialized. I\\\'m sorry but who\\\'s being self-righteous?? So the guy praised God for his physical attributes and professional success. Can we really fault his beliefs for that anymore than we can fault an atheist for not praising an unproven force for the same reason?

This is bordering on skepticsm with an intolerance to people of faith. How can you continually scorn the \\\"believer\\\" for being prejudice and judgemental for their faith, but then go out of your way for something as inconsequential as what Plaxico Burress said?

The second moron was completely within reason, as it was someone\\\'s faith taking away the equal rights of a handicap. The second one was just a trivial use of \\\"God\\\'s name\\\". I remember one time (probably in an email) that you made the \\\"Ken and She\\\" skit to parody a podcast that always picked on easy targets. Aren\\\'t you now doing the same thing?

Anywho, those are my two cents.

Julio from NY
over sixteen years ago


I don\\\'t think Plaxico was even thinking that far. Yeah you can argue if \\\"God\\\" helped him than \\\"He\\\" didn\\\'t help your opponent, but people who \\\"thank God\\\" for winning a championship game, or a Grammy, etc, don\\\'t ever think far enough as their implication. They\\\'re just happy for winning whatever it is they\\\'re winning and they feel they owe their gratitude to \\\"Him\\\"

This is what I mean about taking skepticsm to a level of intolerance. I would dare venture it\\\'s bordering on zealotry, even though it isn\\\'t a religion in its own right but a foundation of logic.

I\\\'m just saying, that the whole Burress thing is just a bit far. I\\\'m all for pointing the finger on hypocrites who jump on their soap boxes and try to judge others for not believing what they believe. I\\\'m all about \\\"don\\\'t judge unless ye be judge\\\" and all that. I just don\\\'t think Buress was spouting a self-righteous rhetoric; rather he was just euphoric for his victory and he felt he owed it to his God or whatever. Everyone is guilty of saying things in states of extreme emotion, without fully meaning everything they\\\'ve said or implied, at some point in their lives.

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


Good ears! I pasted together an 8 minute loop of the Land of Chocolate tune, using some obvious mark entry points for continuity. I used to use this loop on my Radio Show... It\\\'s amazing what an instant mood that tune sets.

Keep listening!


over sixteen years ago

Your explanation of art is the best I have ever heard!
You the man Geo!!

over sixteen years ago

Love your podcast, George. But it\\\'s \\\"Ban-gore,\\\" no \\\"Banger,\\\" Maine. That\\\'s not making with the good English. :)

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Sam- Thanks for that bit of, well, information. In the Maestro\'s defense, we are 40 minutes from a town spelled Bangor and pronounced Banger. I suppose this is like the Newark, New Jersey [Newerk] vs. Newark, Delaware [New Ark] difference.

Ms. Info

over sixteen years ago

Still in the middle of listening to number 53, but I had to pause it for a moment. I worked the phones for customer support for a well known computer hardware company and unfortunately you don\\\'t know how close you got to the actual conversations that occur between agents. Hilarious!

Also another favorite past time was prank calling the other agents. Fortunately for me I never had to work cold calling customers but I could imagine some of the people that they have to deal with. I\\\'ll never forget the guy from Ireland (or at least he said he was from Ireland)who was too high to work his drive. He was smoking a bowl while working on his university term paper and really needed to get it onto the drive but was just too high to work it. It made us ponder how he wasn\\\'t too high to write the paper.

Danny Schade
over sixteen years ago

Hey Geo,
Great episode. I was wondering about where you got the \\\"Land of Chocolate\\\" music for your intro. I\\\'ve used it a few times on the Reason Driven Podcast... but I had to cut and edit it to get Homer\\\'s voice out. It sounded like you had a loop already going. Anyway... I love that tune, it makes whatever you\\\'re talking about sound so much more... cute.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Dave- You\'re too kind. Ass-hat has been in my lexicon for some time, but I\'ll retire it for a while and use your suggestions. Thanks.