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Apr 17, 2008

The Show Notes:

Special pre-inebriated show explanation
shot 1
Slau on skepticality
Cleaning up at Slau's
Katya thinks I'm a prick.
Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA

- Another auction
shot 2
shot 3
Ask George
- Embarrassing story  from Sion
Mortimer Calls Even More Again Once Yet More
shot 4
J.C. Hutchins and Obsidian stuff
SUPER Religious Moron(s) of The Week
- Monique Davis  from Jared and Jay and a bunch of others
- Vicar Thorsten Nolting  from Arkle
shot 5
- Florida Schoolboard  from Jared Congiardo
- Islamic Fiqh Academy of India  also from Jared
- More idiots looking at the sun  from Sion
shot 6
- Moron Update  from Bill Seguillen and James Blackwell
shot 7
Rambling awfulness
shot 8
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Slau and the Skepticality episode; J.C. Hutchins and the Obsidian project; Soccergirl Incorporated; oh, and this.

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Ms. Information says: Wow, even the Maestro's draft of show notes was drunken.

Eliot Silbar
thirteen and a half years ago

fun uses of the "time for a shot" sound effect:

over fourteen years ago

"I'm inebriated... so forgive me." Is that a tell?

I *enjoy* tequila, and the thought of it touching George's virgin tongue straight made me gag.

almost sixteen years ago


For the most part, this episode upset me rather than amused me.

The one thing which did make me laugh out loud was \\\"spaghetti stay, water go.\\\"

over fifteen years ago

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over sixteen years ago

For the first shot or two, it was a bit funny listening to the gasps after imbibing, and what Geo /said/ was funny throughout. However, it became painful to hear his actual condition deteriorate. I hope he plans on not doing that again.

It sounded quite real. I\\\'d like to think it wasn\\\'t.

Dave Jackson
over sixteen years ago

What episode is Slau in. I went to and I don\\\'t see him mentioned in an show notes.


over sixteen years ago

I didn\\\'t believe George was drinking. He did stammer quite well during the middle of the show. But, the same way he slips out of accents for a word or two while doing some of his character voices, he slipped out of the slurred babble here and there towards the end.

Comment for penis enlargement. Advertising herbal junk to a skeptical crowd...

over sixteen years ago

I don\'t think you seem like you\'d be a prick in person at all! In fact, I\'d flirt with you if I saw you in person, provided Soccer Girl didn\'t mind too much. And you seem like you have a great relationship with your parents. I think whole thing with your mom doing the Jay-Z lyrics is awesome. She\'s so funny and such a good sport. I can\'t imagine my own mom doing something like that, but I\'d love it if she did. When the two of you chat a little after that segment, it\'s always really sweet and interesting too.

Oh god, the Orlando stuff in \"Religious Moron of the Week\" just makes me hang my head in shame, as a resident of that city. They\'ve also been waging war on the teaching of evolution here lately too. Bleeeeech!

How are you feeling? OOOOOF... tequila. Believe me, I like a drink now and then, but I keep it moderate because hangovers are just the WORST thing. It\'s enough to make your first experience with drinking your last

Chuck D.
over sixteen years ago

I saw him streaking down Church Street Wednesday night around 11 o\'clock. We\'ll start the video bidding at ten dollars... do I hear ten dollars?...

Chuck D.
over sixteen years ago

... and my official entry for a group of religious idiots is \"religiots\". Hey man, where\'s my Pat Buchanan entry? That gets into politics and religion at the same time. You can bash two groups you love to hate with that one.

Sagan Jr
over sixteen years ago

Okay, I have to echo what everybody else has been saying: Are you nucking futs?! I used to be a D.J., and have had plenty of experiences with alcohol, and let me tell you, not even I would do a shot of Tequilla, much less six. Five words I don\\\'t want to hear: George Hrab in Betty Ford.

By the way, love your show, and thanks for helping encourage me getting into podcasting myself. I always close my show by encouraging people to go to, and playing a short clip from \\\'Think for Yourself.\\\'


Peter S
over sixteen years ago

You know your comments page has really made it when it starts getting penis enlargement spam!
I think you should contact them and charge them for advertising here.

John Blesso
over sixteen years ago

For a virgin drinker to throw back six shots of Cuervo in the span of an hour would be like taking a fourteen-year-old girl to an orgy and stopping off at Tommy Lee\\\'s house on the way over.

Deepak C.
over sixteen years ago

Holy shit! I nearly had a sacred cow listening to Hrab waste himself so on Cuervo.

over sixteen years ago


over sixteen years ago

I have to agree with Dragavan; I feel a bit more alone now that George has shown that he\\\'s willing to besot himself for no good reason. I have to admit that it was a funny show, but one of the dimensions of my respect for George is now shot (no pun intended). Bummer.

Danny Schade
over sixteen years ago

HA HA!! I love you George. This was beautiful. I never thought you came across as a dick except for the fact that you don\\\'t drink... but now that\\\'s all changed. You\\\'re perfect in every way.

Paul Maki
over sixteen years ago

Wow. I went through all the questions as this progressed:
Really? Jose Cuervo? Really?

As the show progressed, it seemed clearer and clearer this was for real. I can see why you didn\\\'t talk about this ahead of time, Geo, but really, ask us experts first. The answer to your \\\"How do you people do this?\\\" is simple, I sure as hell don\\\'t. Not tequila, not anymore. Six double shots of tequila from a shelf lower than Jose at at college theatre party and I\\\'m off tequila for life.

If you were concerned about liking it too much and thusly chose the Jose, I commend you on a good choice. Otherwise, I really wish you\\\'d polled the population, I agree with the above Jager drinker and beer drinker, although most beer would have taken a bit longer, but much nicer for continual sippage.

I\\\'m not sure I\\\'m ready to applaud this choice, I think you were doing a fine job of assuming you didn\\\'t need alcohol around, but there\\\'s nothing wrong with experimenting (see above theatre anecdote.).

That all said, if you didn\\\'t really do it (you have a habit of keeping us guessing, no?) I still raise a glass in salute, it was most entertaining.

over sixteen years ago

It\\\'s blowing my mind right now with how thoughtful and analytical we\\\'re all being about this topic.

But I\\\'m kinda buzzed myself right now....


over sixteen years ago

Dude, tequila? That\'s like sucking on a chunk of charcoal soaked in bad gin. I only did tequila once in my life and I still retch when I think about it.

Good show but please, never again. The kids need sober role models.

D. C.
over sixteen years ago

That reminded of that episode of WKRP when Venus and Johnny were doing shots on air as part of a drunk driving awareness campaign.

Great entertainment. But, doing 7 shots in an hour as your first jump into drinking was probably not a safe thing to do.

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

@Dragavan No need to feel alone. I too am a non-alcoholic drinker, although I also don\\\'t believe that Hrab actually did it. It seemed to polished for a person who did 8 shots of some hard cheap liquor and he\\\'s never done any before.

For some reason my wife, upon just hearing a snippet of your show while I was listening, and seeing the cover art, got the same first impression of you being a rather unlikeable person. I don\\\'t know what to say. I guess people just need to know you first hand when you\\\'re not behind the mic.

Also it seems you can\\\'t get Brolo out of your mind :)

over sixteen years ago

A show unsurpassed in depth, percipience and witty genius. Water go, spaghetti stay. Frickin\\\' genius I tell you.

over sixteen years ago

I feel like I need to speak out on behalf of beer.

Don\\\'t drink crappy liquor, drink beer.

Better taste with all of the happy and none of the sick....

For me at least....


(and when I say beer I don\\\'t mean Bud Light)

I hate Carlos Mencia.

over sixteen years ago

I have to disagree with Marvin, Jagermeister would have made it a lot better. Personally I can drink Jager like water and be just fine the next morning, but tequila rarely ends well.

Like many, I still have a bit of disbelief about this, but if it is true then I will certainly have to buy Geo a drink if I ever get the opportunity.

Keep up the good work.

Steve Andrew
over sixteen years ago

Wow, Geo, I didn\'t think anything could top last week\'s Wombat Rape but I think you\'ve managed it with the Tequilacast! And treated as a science experiment, it\'s utterly fascinating to hear someone else get drunk over the course of an hour.

But please don\'t do this again - not because it\'s not funny, (it is) we all worry about you, that\'s all. Remember, getting drunk is like having sex, the less you do it the more special it becomes. (Oh bollocks, I can\'t believe I typed that...)

Personally I don\'t drink as much as I used to for a couple of reasons. First, I\'m engaged to a tee-totaller and it\'s just not much fun drinking on my own. Second, I live in England - the Drunkest Nation In The Universe. Most of the population here seem to put so much single-minded determination into the simple act of getting hammered, that my own attempts at drunkeness seem pathetic in comparison.

Sleep well, Geo.

over sixteen years ago

@ Sean: I speak not of Jager on its lonesome, but of Jager and tequila mixed in the same heroic bout of imbibing.

That did not end well.

My body seems to handle scotch and tequila (one at a time!) pretty well. Jager I\'ve never really acquired a taste for.

over sixteen years ago

Haven\\\'t listened yet, but since my name pops up in the credits, I feel responsible. We didn\\\'t drive you to drink did we?

By the way, with your eyebrow cocked like that, you look like a bald hipster Klingon. Just sayin.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago


Ah, my friend- not to worry.

M. Lee
over sixteen years ago

PS If I may be so bold, in honor of that shmuck of a Nixon speech writer . . . or is that redundant? Anyway, to further inflate the ego of this IDiot, how about the plural form of a group of religious morons be a \"Stein\"? eh, this may have been suggested already, but I figured whadahell. btw, hope the hangover wasn\'t too painful, donchaknow.

Doug in Alaska
over sixteen years ago

I prefer you sober Geo. I think you see yourself not liking the memory because, frankly, you made a fucking stupid move.

This coming form the son of a Bad Sober, but whatever.

over sixteen years ago

Funny as hell. However, you could have started with something more neutral tasting like, say, VODKA! My people drink that by the bucket and I think so do the Ukrainians.

over sixteen years ago

Although the show was entertaining, It\'s sad for me to see that one of the only other people I knew of (besides me) that is a never drinker is no longer one. I suddenly feel more alone... yet still have no will to drink

M. Lee
over sixteen years ago

Rest assured, man, you\'re not at all pricky-ish-whaevah. And as for your folks, you\'ve a better relationship with \'em than many can admit to. Hell, I think I\'ve had about one solid conversation with MY pops within the past 5 years.

over sixteen years ago

I\\\'m another teetotaler -- back in high school I decided to avoid the things that made my classmates act like idiots or jerks, so no drinking, smoking, drugs, coffee, tea, etc... About 12 years ago, though, my wife decided that she had to see me drunk at least once, so we had a friend over and they served me a \\\"Toxic Waste\\\" as we watched the first two seasons of Ren & Stimpy all the way through.

It was all very disappointing -- I just got groggy and fell asleep early. No hangover or anything. It reminded me, more than anything, of how I get after staying up for 36 hours straight.

Peter S
over sixteen years ago

I was going to save this show and listen to it on my way to work. I\\\'m glad I didn\\\'t, as I nearly fell off my chair laughing.
This was by far the funniest show ever. Now, don\\\'t ever do that again!
The most important thing to learn about drinking is moderation. Remember that nice warm feeling you had after 2 shots? That\\\'s when you need to stop; more is not better. Slight buzz: good - Drunk: Bad.

over sixteen years ago

Well, now I\\\'m going to sober up for a bit, listening ti Slou. I guess you Geo have been slouching your way through the hangover in increasing agony.
I truly empathize, hehe :D
What a way to go. Cheech. Even redneck moonshine is better than that rat-poison tequila.
Truly one of the better shows, and what a collection of morons.
Thanks for the laughs and sniggers, looking forward to more.

over sixteen years ago

Tequila? Are you out of your mind? There is such a thing as single malt whisky, you know?

How\'s your head?

over sixteen years ago

I remain skeptical of the ingestion of alcohol on the above podcast.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Patrón would have been my choice. Perhaps the Maestro\'s choice of Cuervo is homage to Steely Dan. Also, I would have supplied the lime/salt amenities but the man wanted to go hardcore.


Marvin- Let\'s just say I haven\'t seen him surface yet today.

Na zdrovyeh,
Ms. Info

over sixteen years ago

I\\\'m honored to have finally made it to the RMotW segment. And I\\\'m glad you touched on the Monique Douchebag comment; means I\\\'m not a liar (on episode 6 of my podcast last week, The MILF & Podcast *ding* I talked about it in my Dogma Alert segment, and during the segment I said that on \\\"tomorrow\\\'s\\\" Geologic I would look forward to hearing your take. But then you didn\\\'t do a RMotW segment last week. D\\\'oh!). Yeah!

over sixteen years ago

@ Ms. Information: Poor guy. At least he didn\'t complicate his adventure with Jagermeister like some people I\'ve been. Er, known.

over sixteen years ago

Funniest. Show. Ever.

Next time you do this, I taking shots when you do.

Steve Wright
over sixteen years ago

That\\\'s it man! Sometime at Dragon-Con we are going to sit down with a bottle of something between us and I\\\'m going to record the whole thing for my podcast. That will be hilarious!

over sixteen years ago

Dude. Lime. Salt. Makes it not suck so hard. Then again, Tequila blows in general.

over sixteen years ago

Dickey: \"Dude. Lime. Salt. Makes it not suck so hard.\"

Quoted for great truth. Especially in relation to Cuervo. (Much better tequilas do exist, however.)

But Geo, WOW. That\'s pretty amazing. I\'m tempted to dismiss the whole poopin\' away 36 years of sobriety thing as an acting exercise, something you\'ve done just to see if you could fool the audience. If so, you\'ve fooled me at least.

So how\'s your head this morning?

over sixteen years ago

Okey...nevermind. I saw the pic on Flickrrrrrrr. It\'s all clear now. Strange, in my opinion, this was still a mighty fine, DAMN funny show. Um, congrats on yer first experience with al-kee-haul, even if it was tequila. Yer a better man than I...

over sixteen years ago

Seriously...did you REALLY take shot of Cuervo? I\\\'m an occasional drinker, and EVEN I wouldn\\\'t drink that swill...maybe it\\\'s just me. Anyway, awesome show again...Peace...Stan.