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Oct 2, 2008

The Show Notes

October Calendar
Eat Harmony
Forced Prayer

GEOLOGY: The Bands That Came Before
Band No.1 - Hrab / Strobeck Project
Band No.2 - Sab-Uki
Band No.3 - Syzygy
Band No.4 - Krystal
Band No.5 - Mr. Brown
Band No.6 - Different Strings
Slau Projects
Band No.7 - Geologic Orchestra
Band No.8 - Vital Link
Band No.9 - Mood Swings
Band No.10 - Eric Mintel Quartet
Band No.11 - Philadelphia Funk Authority
Band No.12/13 - Beef / Phishermen
Band No/14 - Montage

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Mentioned in the show: Eric Mintel Quartet [ghastly page that it is]; Philadelphia Funk Authority.

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Ms. Information says the crazy thing is that this Geo-Projectology list is only the tip of an iceberg of stories. Archive-worthy! Enjoy.

fourteen and a half years ago

wotlk beta.
phones cell

Gary from Jacksonville
almost fifteen years ago

I enjoyed this show alot. Don\\\'t ask me why. Geo just seemed to be really into it, and that\\\'s what kept me listening.

Chuck D.
almost fifteen years ago

Three things you forgot about ol\\\' Mr. Brown:

1. We closed the set with Comfortably Numb.
2. We sang a wholly original alternate lyric to \\\"Mony Mony\\\" at Spring Fling and needed to answer to Doc Windolf as a result. Eisenhardt\\\'s finest lyric improv, and I prit near pissed my pants on that stage. Being mean never felt so good!
3. Despite the ego clashes and whatnot in the rehearsal studio, you and I have now been friends more than half our lives. Okay, we weren\\\'t the hottest or tightest group either of us have been in, but shit man we were what... 19 or 20 years old?! (Hell, I just learned to really play about nine years ago; that\\\'s about ten years after getting my \\\"music performance\\\" degree!) That was the first band for me, and I remember lots of good times. Still got that broken crash symbol from our first gig? Yeah, ya\\\' do!

As for the \\\'saying grace\\\" gig, It was professional of you to oblige that request. Good on ya\\\' mate! oneManArmy doesn\\\'t know shit.

almost fifteen years ago

\\\"recaptcha\\\" and \\\"sucketh\\\" were my two words...

no, I lie...


almost fifteen years ago

Ahh, I don\\\'t see that as \\\"Forced Prayer\\\" Geo. Most obviously, it were \\\"Prayer for Profit\\\". ;D

Ms. Information
almost fifteen years ago


Believe it or not, when I wrote that I did a double take because that\'s exactly what I thought I typed.

~ ~ ~


Loanerhosen ftw.

~ ~ ~

And the rest of you magnificent bastards, I love you a bunch. Thank you for making this commentary a living thing.

heaps of sugar,
Ms. Info

spices Annual
and yes, I hate recaptcha

almost fifteen years ago

Self-indulgent or not, I loved the show. Being a guy who\\\'s been in bands before, it\\\'s nice to hear other perspectives. And now, a couple of other things.

1) My wife and I met on eHarmony. Nothing cheesy at the wedding...except cheese.

2) I was also in a band called Montage.

3) Give Blood...great choice. Yeah!

That is all.

almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m likely the only sad soul that laughed out loud when I recognized the parenthetical(s) in this warning about the parentheticals.

Please also be aware than George really really likes to use parenthetical statements (you know, those asides that are put in parenthesis and warns any listener sensitive to endless rambling references (and incredibly long sentence structure) to proceed with caution).

almost fifteen years ago

11. Esteban, I understand his POV, he\'s getting paid to do something. If anything I\'m the one in danger of compromising my principles. Trouble is I only discovered these principles after moving away from my family. Now I only see them a couple of times a year at best. How worthwhile is destroying what little time I have with people I care about for these principles?

2. When you\'re like me and the vast, vast majority of your music exposure for a long time was the radio, you tend to be left with the impression that a person is in one single band for any given period of time. For a band member to change bands appears to be a rare thing.

Wrong. That\'s only true for the big name bands, and even then only to a point. I didn\'t get a sense of this until I moved to New Orleans. You can\'t help but meet musicians there, and that helped change my perspective. This show really drives that point home. (Plus it\'s another chance to look under George\'s hood and see what makes him tick. George, be happy that you\'re interesting enough for people to want to do that.)

3. Richard, as evidenced above, you\'re not the only one.

4. Ms. Information, I read that as Geo-Proctology. I need my eyes checked.

George Hrab
almost fifteen years ago


Ah. I see...

But remember-

It was a gig, and I was the Emcee.

As announcer guy, it sometimes comes with the responsibilities of running a wedding...

I don\\\'t feel like I sold out my beliefs, I just satisfied the customer. The beauty of it was that these two atheists were leading everyone in prayer. Which shows how REAL it all is ANYWAY.

I would have been just as happy to read a prayer to Odin, or Zeus or Spiderman.


almost fifteen years ago

The music business does seem to be slightly more volatile than the enterprise-software-for-hire biz. Is it that the money flow is uneven? The egos? The hours? Shifting musical tastes? Why is that bands staying together is the rarity?

I would hate for you to crap your lederhosen.


almost fifteen years ago



As for weddings, I figure if doing weddings is your job then doing a wedding the way the customer wants it done is just part of the gig. The place to stand on principle would be not at the mike stand, but in deciding only to work atheist/humanist weddings in the first place. But at that point is one standing on principle or just being a bit of a bigot?

Jesusians gotta dance too, right?

almost fifteen years ago

Oh, sorry. I\'ll explain.
I am listening to your podcast and was referring to \"Forced Prayer\". Even though I can sympathize with you, I too have been in similar situations, I would have hoped you would have declined the invitation to invocation. I\'m not suggesting that you pick fights, just expect that others would respect your beliefs as you would respect theirs.


George Hrab
almost fifteen years ago




almost fifteen years ago

George you puss. Stand up for what you believe. I\'m deeply disappointed that you would sell your principles. Stand strong friend.


almost fifteen years ago

Anyone else getting some distortion around Band #6 about 27:30 into the cast.

almost fifteen years ago

Q: What do you do while waiting for episode #85 to download?

A: Get in the first Comment.