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Nov 13, 2008

The Show Notes:

Tweet complaints
Tee's box comments
Thanks to those that came to Friday’s show
365 Days of Astronomy theme
Geo's Mom reads Jay-Z Lyrics

- Izzo from Collision Course
- Evo's Mom...
Geologic Podcast's Horoscopes
Religious Moron of the Week
- Armenian & Greek Monks  from James Blackwell & Rick Pearce
What’s new
Show close


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Mentioned in the show: 365 Days of Astronomy; Henrique's Freak Forum; Tee Morris; the brawling monks in Jerusalem; Evo at Eleven.

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almost fifteen years ago

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over fifteen years ago

WOTLK Power leveling.

Peter Sosna
fifteen and a half years ago

May I be the first guy to complain about you complaining about a guy complaining about you complaining?

Brent Weichsel
fifteen and a half years ago

Just a random point of note. The Izzo song your mom sings is actually. Izzo/In The End from When Jay-Z and Linking Park teamed up for the \\\"Collision Course\\\" Mash up Album.

But it still was freaking awesome.

fifteen and a half years ago

What a lovely version of that standard! \\\"What\\\'s New\\\" has always been one of my faves.

I\\\'ve always wished I had the courage to become a torch singer: just stick a gardenia in my hair and start singing on street corners, if need be.

bike worryford
fifteen and a half years ago

on a completely unrelated but strangely related topic only semi related to reality relative to your perspective...
what are you doing for the 100th episode? Can I submit my truly humble \\\'homage to geo\\\' ditty to you?

BTW I loove the horrorscopes, great new bit...I also looove Not! the bible.

Recaptcha is \\\'hall potent\\\', and mine is.
erm, i think I\\\'ve just confused myself...

Philippa Ballantine
fifteen and a half years ago

Also if you just shot someone in the box seat, having a low railing helps make for a speedy exit. Something else Mr Morris pointed out to me.

Richard Smith
fifteen and a half years ago

Badgers? We don\\\'t need to floss no stinking badgers!

Seriously. I\\\'m a Scorpio, so I\\\'ve just got to keep my glasses away from stucco...

fifteen and a half years ago

It\'s been awhile since I\'ve shot someone in the box seat. I\'ll try to talk my wife into it this weekend.

fifteen and a half years ago

yay! I love it when this shows up right before I head to work, rather than right after... :)


fifteen and a half years ago

I\'m so excited about the 365 Days intro song!

Yeah, ditto on the kneelers. I think it\'s for all the old ladies.