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Nov 20, 2008

Special Episode!

I'm in Savannah, Georgia and Texas this week.

- Intro
- First Ever and (probably last ever) All Joke Show
- Show Close


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Ms. Information says: Ha!

over fifteen years ago

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almost fifteen years ago

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fifteen and a half years ago

I\\\'d love to see an episode #100 include a song about how I\\\'d like to roll Geo in eggroll wrap and dip him in succulent chocolate.

Of course from his point of view I\\\'m guessing that would go something like \\\"Dubshack is fucking creepy.\\\"

Chuck D.
fifteen and a half years ago

So, let me get this straight: Plaxico Burress can run like a gazelle and catch a bullet pass in double coverage under extreme pressure, being born with a body that can do some pretty amazing things. He thanks God for his abilities and, as he stated last year, his ability to heal in time to help his NY Giants to win the Super Bowl. Okay...

So, how fast will God heal Plaxico from his recent self-inflicted gun wound? Of course, you have to wonder about the faith exhibited by a man who claims to be so favored by the Almighty that He will heal his injuries (for the glorious, righteous purpose of winning football games) and yet this man feels so vulnerable that he needs to carry a gun in a nightclub. Hey, Plaxico, if God is really watching over you, then put away the firearms and walk \\\"like a lamb amongst the wolves\\\" as the Good Book sayeth. Walk on the wild side, like everyone else.

What the hell is a guy who stands 6\\\'5\\\" tall at 232 lbs. and fast as greased fucking lightning so insecure about? Seriously, how big would your fucking beer goggles have to be to step up to this guy and call him out at a nightclub, with all his posse backing him up too, no doubt?

Please! Religulous moron.

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

I listen to the RM Show on my iPod. Does she use Geo? I must be missing it..


fifteen and a half years ago

Saw Geo last night in Austin in an intimate coffeehouse-esque atmosphere. It was fantastic! I was close enough to see Geo\\\'s hands as he played the guitar; the fretwork on \\\"How Do You Do\\\" is a sight to behold. The new songs played maked me really enthusiastic about the new album that will be released soon. And Geo could not have been nicer about the venue hiccups and my star-struck fawning.

A++++, would see again.

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

@ Marvin & keisha...

Lucky bastards!! I\\\'m soooo jealous... I may have to spring for a ticket to TAM 7 (and I hope he\\\'s playing), as Las Vegas is the closest he\\\'s gotten to Oregon as far as I know.


fifteen and a half years ago

Have you noticed that the Rachel Maddow Show \\\"Start Now!\\\"

I think you have a high profile fan...

fifteen and a half years ago

I love the jokes! But I agree w/CarrieP that \"The Scotsman\" really needs to be delivered in song. (Wink, nudge.)

Mr. Hatton: Fort Worth in da house! Ah, Angelos, the BBQ of my childhood dreams. I think they still have the big moth-eaten bear, too.

But these days I\'m in Austin, and I suspect that we Austinites will be beating each other to death with baguettes for the privilege of introducing Mr. Hrab to our favorite Q.

Peter Sosna
fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Geo and all,
Listening to the theme song for the 365 Days Of Astronomy Podcast last week got me very intersted in the podcast. I love Astronomy Cast and the thought of a daily astronomy fix gets me very excited. I went over and checked out the site and got inspired. Last night I wrote and recorded an episode for them and sent it in. I just got an email back from them. They said it sounds great and will air in July!
Quick honey, get the polaroid: Baby\\\'s first podcast.

fifteen and a half years ago

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show Friday night. It was almost everything I had ever hoped for (minus Liv Tyler, of course). And, through surreptitious eavesdropping, I now know Geo\\\'s shoe size! I can die a complete person.

fifteen and a half years ago

Just a quick thank-you from Austin for Geo\'s fabulous performance this evening. The man has glamor -- he just seemed to grow and radiate light as the night went on. Mr. Hrab: THANK YOU!

(And how on earth do you manage to pick and fret your way through \"How do you do\" without your metacarpals exploding?)

(And Oscar\'s song made me cry, dammit. I\'d heard it twice before on the podcast and throttled the impulse to remember my own dog from childhood--2nd grade through college--whom I ended up holding in the vet\'s office as he was sedated for the last time. It was the phrase \"by my own hand\" that did it to me. Dammit. And thank you, again thank you.)

John Hattan
fifteen and a half years ago

(repost from blog entry)

Heard the mention of good D/FW BBQ. Thought I\\\'d post my faves. . .

1. Feedstore BBQ in Southlake ( My personal favorite, as I prefer the dry-rub ribs to the sauced ones. It\\\'s in an actual converted feedstore. Dunno where you\\\'re staying, but that wouldn\\\'t be so convenient if you\\\'re in Arlington. It\\\'s about 15 minutes from the airport, though.

2. Spring Creek BBQ (loads of locations). Good all around. Good ambience (and by that I mean paper plates and picnic tables).

3. Angelo\\\'s BBQ ( Way over in West Fort Worth, so probably not a good possibility. Outstanding sandwiches. Draft beer is served in frozen mugs so you get little bits of beer-ice floating on top -- yeah I know, not an issue for you, but damn it was a nice lunch when I worked for Tandy in downtown Fort Worth.

Anyway, those are my picks. Dunno if the NTCOF minions already have plans to take you places. If not, contact me at and I\\\'ll take care of the driving and the tab.

Hoping to go to the show in Arlington on Friday. We have some houseguests on Friday night, and we\\\'d have to find a sitter, so I\\\'m still not sure.

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago


The Maestro has left the building and that was at 8am. I\\\'m afraid he won\\\'t see your comment, john. If you\\\'d like me to put you in touch with Scott Hurst, his host, please contact me at donna at geologicrecords dot com.

As for Episode 100, I cannot say with certainty that it will be treated in landmark fashion. Some casters do that but I don\\\'t know if the Maestro will.

Cheers, all.

Ms. Info
recaptcha: Free Dewitt

fifteen and a half years ago

I once tried to bring two zombies onto an airplane, but the baggage screener said I was only allowed one piece of carrion.


I have this friend who went out and got this new boyfriend. They had sex, and they used a condom. Well, she sees him again after a little awhile and finds there\\\'s only 5 left in the box and the condomds come 12 in a pack so she asked him what happened to the other six, and he says \\\"Oh well I used them to masturbate.\\\" She comes to me and asks if I\\\'ve ever done that, and I said \\\"Sure, I\\\'ve done that a few times I guess,\\\" and she says \\\"Really? You use condoms to masturbate?\\\" and I said \\\"Oh I\\\'m sorry I thought you meant have I ever lied to my girlfriend.\\\"


Q. Why can\\\'t Catholic priests travel at the speed of light?
A. Because they have mass.


A man boarded an airplane in New Orleans , with a box of crabs.
A female crew member took the box and promised to put it in the crew\\\'s refrigerator, which she did.
The man firmly advised her that he was holding her personally responsible for the crabs staying frozen, and proceeded to rant and rave about what would happen if she let the crabs thaw out.
Shortly before landing in New York , she announced over the intercom to the entire cabin, \\\'Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in New Orleans , please raise your hand?\\\'
Not one hand went she took them home and ate them herself.

fifteen and a half years ago


fifteen and a half years ago

That was ... interesting. Seems almost tailor made for the Borscht Belt. Aren\\\'t you right there by the Poconos, Geo?

Look me up when you\\\'re down here in Texas. If you want to hang out for BBQ, I can set you onto some of the best in My Fair City.

fifteen and a half years ago

Geo, even when you\\\'re self-descriptively out of ideas, you crack me the hell up...

Have fun in GA and TX...