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Dec 24, 2008

A Geologic Special Holiday Special-Special Holiday Special

Check out show 46
Carrie's X-Mas Question
Thanks for all the cards
Thanks for all the support in 2008

The Songs:

The Christmas Song  
Waiting for the Man with the Bag
Baby It's Cold Outside  featuring Kiki Leigh
Winter Wonderland
Let It Snow
Moonlight in Vermont
Jingle Bell Rock
What Are You Doing New Year's
It Must Have Been Ol' Santa Claus
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Mentioned in the show: Holiday Show 2007 Episode 46.

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Ms. Information says: Happy Holidays, All!

Brian\"No E\" Mahony
fifteen and a half years ago


too lazy to sing JigleBell Rock? huh? HUH?

that\'s probably the first RickRoll in podcasting history!!!

REcaptcha: Winfield forth oooh! bet that\\\'s in the Conneticut phone book! HA! :D

posty mcposterton
fifteen and a half years ago

I was making mushroom gravy with my iPod on, and I busted out loud laughing. My wife wondered what was going on, and I told her that I just got rickrolled... she was confused... \\\"like, on your iPod, you got rickrolled?!\\\" Yup.

It was a pleasure to get iPod rickrolled, Geo!

Oh, but don\\\'t forget, That1Guy\\\'s \\\"Buttmachine\\\" is the new rickroll... (a funny video, not rickroll, seriously)


fifteen and a half years ago

Happy Holidays, Maestro! Thanks for all your great work, and good luck on the year ahead. :)


fifteen and a half years ago

On the subject of rickrolling, this XKCD is just about perfect:

Geo, I don\'t suppose you\'d be willing in a future podcast to describe some of the process of recording and mixing all the parts in the Xmas special, would you? (I\'m always fascinated by watching other people work.)

Thanks again for all the wonderful stuff you do.

fifteen and a half years ago

Aw man, you rickrolled us, you rickrolling motherfucker!

The show\'s huge fun, though. Thank you! :-D

And have a very merry, happy, jolly, and generally ecstatic Thing, whatever your Thing is.

PS - How many other performers are you using, or did you play everything yourself?

George Hrab
fifteen and a half years ago


Apart from the lovely Kiki, it\\\'s all me.

I minored in Jingle Bell, so that seemed to make sense.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the comments. Now go open your gifts!


Kevin G.
fifteen and a half years ago

Rickrolled on xmas morning!!!! That\\\'s better than getting a tie!!!