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Jan 14, 2009

The Show Notes

It’s Ms. Information's Birthday!
The Ms. Information Interview:

- Are you real?
- Donna & Geo's history
- Clients
- Being raised Catholic
- Creativity and Precision
- Ivy League, Lehigh Valley Dairies
- Interrobang Awards
- Working in Radio
Ms. Information (song)
- Living up to the name
- Sisters and family
- More clients   
- Observing the Geologic Universe from the inside
- The wisdom of Kerry F.
- Happy Birthday
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Evo Terra; Tee Morris; Yep, that's me; Donna's sisters;  Donna's parents then and now; on-air at WLVR circa 1988; Interrobang; Interrobang in the news.

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Ms. Information says humble thanks for all the amazing birthday wishes!

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David P
almost fifteen years ago

Cool cool show. I love hearing about the behind-the-scenes stuff. The CD packaging of Geo\\\'s albums is so innovative, and it\\\'s nice to hear about Donna\\\'s work on that.

Had to look up the Talking Heads \\\"Speaking in Tongues\\\" Rauschenberg limited edition album. I didn\\\'t know that version existed. Ah, the days of picture disks ... recordings ... that you look at. \\\"Speaking in Tongues\\\" is one of my favorite albums from my days in college radio (I\\\'m about the same age as Donna).

Happy Birthday, Ms. Info! And thanks for all the work you do designing and managing Geo\\\'s stuff.

Next week, #100. Does one celebrate a numerical consequence of evolving to have 10 fingers, or is it just another number?

almost fifteen years ago

Happy Birthday, Ms. I! Thank you for all you\'ve done to help Geo be Geo. Glad he\'s got a fellow Sicilian to keep him straight.

And, for the record, I believed in you. :)

Recaptcha is Russians required...hmm.

almost fifteen years ago

Ms. Information, was Geo blushing during that interview? I swear I could hear a blush in my headphones. :-D

Happy (belated) birthday, and thanks for another great show.

Chuck D.
almost fifteen years ago

Donna\\\'s too cool, but c\\\'mon girl, no one who has been Geo\\\'s pal has not wanted to beat the shit out of him now and then.

Happy Birthday woman.

posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

yay... old intro with the Zappa, Patton Oswalt, etc... :)


posty mcposterton
almost fifteen years ago

Oh, and duh... happy birfday, Ms I!!


almost fifteen years ago

Happy birthday, Ms. Information! The 14th is a great day to celebrate a birthday. ;) I hope your day was great, and thank you for sharing on the show!

almost fifteen years ago

So cool to finally \\\"meet\\\" you officially, Donna. Hope you had a great day on your birthday!

almost fifteen years ago

Mnohiya lita and buon compleanno, Donna! It was great to hear all about the mysterious Ms. Information. Keep up the great work. Thanks for doing the interview, George.

almost fifteen years ago

Happy birthday!

Notes for Geo -
1 When interviewing ask a question, don\\\'t give the answer as well, STFU and let the interviewee speak.
2. Be a man and marry this girl, asshat.

All the best, Fred

Philippa Ballantine
almost fifteen years ago

Happy Birthday Donna! I can attest Donna is both very real, and very cool.

almost fifteen years ago

Happy Birthday Ms Information, I look forward to listening to your story on the way to work today. Step into the limelight a little its nice out there. Donna, have a great day and thanks for the work you do and putting up with all us weirdos in the Geologic Fan club!